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The F stood for Fernando), and the Y for Ysabel, both Spanish Monarchs who funded Columbus. Buy these historical Christopher Columbus flag t-shirts.
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Christopher Columbus wrote in his logbook that on October 12th. of the Pinta and the Niña, a Captain's flag each. About this last flag, we know it was a capitana flag (a Spanish.
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ón: Spanish Flag video, ón in memory of Christopher Columbus. Dedicated especially to Thomas- The flag lover
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Christopher Columbus (Cristobal Colon) asked for money to finance his expeditions from the Spanish aristocracy (King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella) and therefore the Spanish flag.
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30.03.2009 · This is a large square in Madrid, which has the world's largest Spanish flag in the middle. It is called plaza Colón in memory of Christopher Columbus. Dedic...
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The Spanish Flag and the Monument of Christopher Columbus Madrid Spain. Original Stock Photography from Acclaim Images.
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Christopher Columbus, or Cristóbal Colón in Spanish, is an amazingly difficult man to pin down.. Flag of Spain Background to the modern Spanish flag. Spanish.
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Historical Flags - The Spanish Flag : Under this flag, Christopher Columbus set out on his legendary voyage across the Atlantic, and.
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Christopher Columbus question: Why did Columbus sail under a Spanish flag? he received money to pay for his trip from the Spanish royalty
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Columbus Christopher, Christopher Columbus pictures, Columbus biography, explorer. On October 12, 1492, Columbus stepped ashore, holding the Spanish flag. Columbus thought.
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The Castile and Leon flag is reputedly the first to have flown on American territory, since it was the one used by Christopher Columbus on behalf of the Spanish government who.
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07.04.2008 · Christopher Columbus, genoese, italian Part 3. thing to do. Regardless, he was just a guy who sailed under the Spanish Flag.
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THIS POST IS CLOSED. Christopher Columbus and the Spanish Language. it is due to Spain and Queen Isabella, Christopher Columbus. Why flag? Unclear or Inaccurate; Spam; Offensive. - Why did Columbus sail under.
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Handmade oil painting reproduction of J. L. Beuzon Christopher Columbus (1451-1506) plants the Spanish flag into the soil - on canvas and available in any size or choose another.